Fully integrated sales tax automation within Pivotal CRM!

Keeping track of current tax rates across all the states, counties and cities in which your company does business is tough. When you open yourselves to online sales, it can become impossible. Avalara AvaTax is a product that can quickly calculate current tax rates for all US jurisdictions. Plus you can be sure you are shipping to valid US Postal Service addresses using AvaTax’s address validation service. AvaTax can even help with international rates! We’ve integrated the AvaTax service into Pivotal e-Commerce so you know your online orders will always have accurate tax calculations, protecting you from state auditors.

The AvaTax connector for Pivotal CRM is free. The Avalara AvaTax service has a one-time setup charge and a transactional fee based on volume. For more information you can contact RCS or Avalara for detailed pricing on all Avalara services.

The free AvaTax connector supports all versions of Pivotal CRM 6.0 or later running PCM, for other versions, please contact RCS, Inc.

Please contact RCS or your Avalara sales representative for more information on our FREE Pivotal CRM Avatax connector.

Avatax can also be integrated with many ERP systems to ensure accuracy on every transaction. AvaTax reporting can even help you when it comes time for filing your sales tax returns.

Click here to review the Pivotal CRM Avatax connector installation guide.
Click here to review the Pivotal CRM Avatax connector setup and processing guide.