Aptean Pivotal® CRM

Aptean Pivotal® CRM can take your business to the next level with CRM processes that include sales force, marketing, and service automation. Pivotal CRM is built on a highly flexible .NET platform that gives you a customized CRM experience built around your unique business processes. With multiple deployment options you can either run on-premise or in the cloud. The RCS consulting team can help you leverage this powerful solution for much more than just traditional CRM processing. We can integrate this product into your already successful business processes, streamlining them and adding to your bottom line.



As you know by now, the twenty first century is dominated by the Internet. If you don’t have an online presence, your customers won’t find you. If you don’t sell your products online, you will lose sales to your competitor who does.

Introducing Pivotal eCommerce from RCS, Inc. Combining the power of Aptean Pivotal CRM, the flexibility of {wrap}bootstrap themes and templates, and the modern edge of HTML5 and CSS3, Pivotal eCommerce can increase your sales by allowing the Internet to work for you.


Harnessing the strengths of our business partners, Pivotal eCommerce is a full-service solution that can fully integrate with most ERP systems, which will save your company time and money, in addition to increasing your sales.

0 We utilized Aptean Pivotal CRM as our backend, giving us the power of a full-fledged CRM. This allows for administration of your products, prices, customers, and promotions to come from one, easy-to-use source. Using the data garnered from your website, Pivotal CRM gives you the power to run effective, directed marketing campaigns that will further increase your sales. Additionally, using the dashboard or custom designed reports, you can better understand more about your customers and their buying habits.

0 Avalara AvaTax is a leading provider of sales and use tax automation services. We’ve incorporated this service into Pivotal eCommerce, so that you no longer will need to worry about staying up to date on the current rates for the 12,000 different tax jurisdictions in our country. Based on the shipping location of your customer, and rules of Nexus that you setup, AvaTax will calculate the correct sales tax rate for every shipment. AvaTax also handles VAT and some international taxes, and can even help you file your sales tax returns. Let a professional handle your sales tax so you can focus on running your business.

0 Internet sales these days rely on credit cards, debit cards and other electronic payments. RCS has partnered with Authorize.net to seamlessly process all types of credit cards and digital payment solutions. Whether your customer has a MasterCard®, PayPal or eCheck, Authorize.Net will quickly and securely process it for you. Once your account is set up, Authorize.net does all the work and safely and quickly deposits the funds into your merchant bank account. This will take the pressure off of your Accounts Receivable department and close your sales cycle faster than ever before.

The first step in offering your products for sale on the Internet is creating your webpage. You can spend thousands upon thousands of dollars just trying to find the right fit for your company. To avoid this, RCS has joined with {wrap}bootstrap to offer hundreds of different, customizable themes and templates that you can use. Find the template that most closely represents how you want to show yourself to the world, and we will customize it to fit your needs. With the flexibility of Bootstrap, an HTML5 and CSS3 framework, making thematic changes is simple. Plus, whereas a custom website will cost you thousands of dollars, a {wrap}bootstrap template can cost as little as $20 or less.

Sounds great, right? Well, don’t take our word for it. Come take a test drive. Visit www.PivotaleCommerce.com to see the future of your company. Then, contact RCS for more information.