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Ensure your business is running at its fullest with Acumatica. Track profitability and growth through meaningful dashboards highlighting the important aspects of your business. Utilizing your CRM and ERP data in one place allows for quick and easy access to make the critical decisions that shape the future of your operation.

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Ensure the financial position of your organization is where it should be with the controller dashboard. Check on your current rate of expenses and track it against income. Maintain awareness of your cash position as well as where your AP and AR stands.

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Nurture, Maintain, and follow up on opportunities with Acumatica's built in CRM capabilities. Track sales against various metrics through multiple mediums to maximize your efforts. Drive your team forward having all the necessary tools and information all easily accessible and simple to use.

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Monitor your high turnover items and drill into the details to take effective action. See which items have poor turnover and what actions you can take accordingly. Keep track of your vendors and their delivery patterns to ensure your vendors deliver as expected.

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Monitor your warehouse(s) to ensure on time shipping. Track orders that are ready to pick, ship, or transfer. Keep ahead of incoming goods needing to be put away.

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Provide your team with well managed and functionable service scheduling with the service manager dashboard. Keep track of upcoming appoints for the day as well as in the near future.

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