About Us

RCS has been helping our wholesale distribution and manufacturing clients become more profitable since 2007. We have worked closely with people at all levels of companies, from end users to IT Directors to company presidents. We’ve worked in the real world before, so we know the challenges you are facing. We have been in your position, so we can understand what you need.

We specialize in working in support of your IT department and corporate management. We listen to your issues and use our experience to offer the most cost-effective solutions. Regardless of your problem, we’ve seen something similar before. We have experience in a wide range of areas, including software, hardware, reporting, e-commerce, and integrating mobile applications, and much more.

Our clients are spread from coast to coast, and represent industries like chemicals, computer hardware, industrial equipment and supplies, and truck beds and trailers. We make sure the management and sales force has access to the information they need. We ensure that the systems work properly and efficiently. We streamline processes so their service technicians can focus on what they do best. We help train their employees so the company gets the most out of their IT investment. Whatever you need, if it deals with technology, we have the expertise to help.

Meet our Team...

Chris Rutz


Jerry Monahan
Business Analyst


Steve James
Software Engineer


Chuck Ford
Software Engineer