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Based out of St. Louis, MO, Rutz Computer Solutions began its journey in 2007 with a mission to deliver the best software solutions and service. Now, 14 years later, we help our clients achieve their best through innovations we provide. Our services reach from coast to coast representing industries like chemical manufacturing, computer hardware, industrial equipment and supplies, hydraulic manufacturing, groceries, truck beds, trailers and more. No matter the need, our focus is you the customer. Functionality is a priority from every level that utilizes it, from CEOs, IT directors, and accountants.

Our Mission

The goal is RCS is simple: further your visions and potential with superior software and service. We strive to deliver the highest quality products and services available in the IT industry. Our qualified staff is ready to tackle any of your needs in Business Intelligence, Software Development, CRM & ERP Integrations, IT Support, and much more.

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Our Over 50 Years of Combined Experience will bring out the best of your software solutions.

Rutz Founder, Owner
(618) 613-4199 chris@rcs-inc.net

Jerry Monahan Sales
(618) 613-4198 jerry@rcs-inc.net

Steve James Business Consultant (618) 613-4233 steve@rcs-inc.net

Scott Serbousek Sales and Marketing (618) 227-2181 scott@rcs-inc.net

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