Pivotal CRM:

Aptean Pivotal® CRM can take your business to the next level with CRM processes that includes sales force, marketing, and service automation. Pivotal CRM is built on a highly flexible .NET platform that gives you a customized CRM experience built around your unique business processes. With multiple deployment options you can either run on-premise or in the cloud. The RCS consulting team can help you leverage this powerful solution for much more than just traditional CRM processing. We can integrate this product into your already successful business processes, streamlining them and adding to your bottom line.

Information On The Go:

Being able to access information on your customers when you need it is paramount to the success of your sales force. With Pivotal’s Mobile CRM, you can ensure that your sales force knows everything they need to know before they set foot in their client’s office.

Sales Force Automation:

With Pivotal Sales Force Automation, you can shorten the sales cycle, taking an opportunity from cold call to satisfied customer in record time. The ability to completely customize your CRM to fit your specific business needs is what sets Pivotal apart from other solutions. This flexibility allows you to make Pivotal work the way your business needs to work to be successful. You shouldn’t have to change your business to make your software work. With Pivotal, you won’t have to.

Opportunity Management:

There is a specific set of steps that need to be followed in order to best turn on opportunity into a sale. Pivotal guides your sales force through this process so that they can follow the same path to success every time, while keeping everyone else in the loop.

Email and Outlook Integration:

Pivotal is integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange so any correspondence with customers is linked to the opportunity within the CRM. This way, the sales cycle can be tracked the entire way from start to finish without worrying about searching through your deleted emails to find your customer’s specifications at the last minute.

Relationship Management:

Store all the pertinent customer data in one place for everyone to see. From contacts to data on sales and opportunities, with Pivotal all the data is stored in easy to find places so it’s always right at your fingertips.

Saratoga CRM:

Saratoga ® CRM specializes in offering sales force automation for large, global companies in the chemicals, consumer products, energy, insurance and manufacturing industries. RCS developers have over 10 years of experience customizing this product to fit the specific needs of our clients. We have worked to transition our clients from the traditional thick client to a more flexible thin client. We have also helped our clients transition from Saratoga CRM to the more powerful Pivotal CRM. Contact us to get the most out of Saratoga CRM system.