Software Design / Development

In the world we live in, the software you use is the key element in determining the efficiency of your operations. If mishandled, your IT budget can become a black hole that just eats your investment. We have the experience to make your software work for you. Whether you are talking about ERP, CRM, EDI or simply getting relevant data out of your system, we can help.

Web Design / Development

Your website is the face you show the world. If your site is slow and clunky and full of bad data, that’s what your current and potential customers see. We can help modify your current website, or create a brand new site for you that will allow you to show the world your best attributes. We can make it easy for your customers to order product online and interface with your CRM or ERP system. In short, we can make your website a money-maker for you instead of a financial drain.

CRM Integration

In every business, your relationships with your customers are the key to a profitable business. Having a strong CRM solution that is fully integrated with your ERP is the way to leverage these relationships into full-value partnerships.

EDI Integration

EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, is the language of business transactions. Too many companies are missing out on the efficiencies of EDI. Or, they use EDI as a glorified fax machine. We can help to integrate EDI with your ERP system to eliminate double entry of orders. We can import vendor acknowledgment data into your ERP and update your POs with expected ship dates from your vendors. In short, we make EDI work for you.

ERP Integration

Your ERP system is the starting point for all your business operations. It controls your accounting system, your inventory and your billing. But, if it is not united with all your other systems, it can work to slow you down instead of making you more efficient. We can help to integrate your systems so they work together instead of independently.

Crystal Reporting

Sometimes the standard reports that come with your ERP system just aren’t enough. Using Crystal Reports, we can give you robust, user-friendly, graphical reports that show you the data you need in the format in which you need it so you can make the critical business decisions you face every day. We even offer Crystal training for you and your staff so the correct data is always available to you.

IT Support

With all the money you spend on technology, you need to get the most out of your investment. We can work with your IT staff to make that happen. We’ll make sure that technology works for you, and not the other way around. We have experience working with PCs, laptops, tablets, printers, scanners, and just about any devices you use. We can use technology to make you and your employees more efficient.